Monday, 29 July 2013

One Quick Comment...

...On the lads-mags-in-bags furore currently tearing Twitter apart (or at least the parts of it I inhabit).   Lacking the necessary learning on the subject I'm not inclined to jump in with both feet on the topic of whether magazines should be allowed to show attractive women in various states of undress on covers where people might be able to see them.

I'd just like to point out in passing that "Should a society be OK with generating such pictures?" and "Should a society be OK with seeing such pictures?" are two different questions, and not nearly enough effort is being made to separate them.  Leave them entwined, and you get the ridiculous sight of people arguing the best way to fight an outdated view of women's sexuality is to drag our conception of sexuality back into the Victorian age.

Let's make sure the discussion here is about how best to ensure a child doesn't develop sexist attitudes.  The discussion about how best to ensure a child doesn't develop sexual awareness isn't one we should want any part of, unless it's by way of shutting it the hell down.


darkman said...

If they make the bags look like this I'm all for it:

SpaceSquid said...

This should amuse me, but three decades of cultural conditioning mean those bags just make me crave chips.