Monday, 1 July 2013

Ou Est Le Vin, S'il Vous Plait?

Another light week of blogging, I'm afraid, since I'll be in France trying to persuade mathematicians to listen to me, and French bars to sell me cider.

Whilst you're waiting, here are some lovely pictures from the last time I toddled off, courtesy of the Other Half.  I present various scenes from Wester Ross.

That one was from right outside our door.  On one occasion we had to seriously consider whether the local pub was worth walking right by a rather large bull.  Obviously, I argued it was.

This next one is a great skua, called a "bonxie" by the locals.  A wonderful bird, entirely worthy of being the namesake of the best track on British Sea Power's third album.

 An orchid, or some shit?  So I'm told, anyway.

Not pictured, because the damn things never showed themselves, but there was a family of otters in the rocks shown below.  We could hear them barking at each other, possibly to make sure everyone knew a redhead was patrolling the area with a digital camera.

And who is this handsome fellow?

Finally, making his first public appearance, we present Scotland's most aggravating omnivore: Irritating Marten!

That last one was taken scant moments after I successfully ejected him from our cottage.  As you can see, the brute was quite unhurt, though the denim he bit from my jeans may have caused digestive problems later.

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