Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Tale Of Cocktails #45

Baileys Cookie Martini

2 oz Baileys Irish cream
1 oz vanilla vodka
A cookie
Taste: 7
Look: 7   
Cost: 7
Name: 5
Prep: 7
Alcohol: 7
Overall: 6.8

Preparation: Crumble cookie into sugar, and frost the rim of your shot glass with the resulting mixture. Shake alcohol with crushed ice, and strain into glass.

General Comments: (We conclude here our run of tasty Christmas drinks, where I have somewhat idiosyncratically defined "Christmas" as hot and/or involving Baileys.)

Last time I complained about a drink with no Baileys in it tasting entirely too much like Baileys.  This, in contrast, is a drink which is made mostly of Baileys that tastes entirely of Baileys. On the plus side, it's marginally easier to create than the Caribbean milk, but at least that drink tastiest like one of the rarer, classier Baileys variants, and it was nice and warm. This is just a shot of strong Irish cream with a dull, functional name.  With, it must be admitted, some tasty cookie bits around the place, but when God came up with the idea of selling liqueur and cookies separately, you gotta figure he knew what he was doing.

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