Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: When Tau Attack

Since I've finally got my Tau army up to 1000 points I thought it was time for a showcase (eventually I'll get some pictures of my other 40K armies up here, but they're somewhat larger and thus take longer to set up).

The full 1000, standing proud, totally unaware that there's a nasty fog bank headed towards them. Have they not been paying attention?

The latest addition, the Hammerhead I've been painting off-and-on since Christmas. The camouflage was what took most of the time. Stupid desire not to be seen...

A Crisis Team and a pair of Piranhas.

Next time, I hope to have some pretty, pretty space-ships to show you all, though since I don't have my Gothic boards up they'll all have to look like they're exploring the Carpet Nebula (they can't venture into the nearby Computer Stack Sound, because Big G will knock them to their deaths while he's hoovering).


jamie said...

Presumably the hammerhead only desires not to be seen within the gaping maw of an active volcano.

Well done on hitting 1,000 with these guys; I really should start collecting and painting stuff again, but then, when would I get any dvd watching done? Seriously though, I should at least buy another blood bowl team up and have a crack at them, it must be over a decade since I last wielded a paintbrush in anger; plus that would mean I could legitimately field another team apart from my beloved rats.

Did I tell you I won our little BB league's tournament by the way? A proud moment for rodents everywhere.

What surface have you taken the pictures on? Is the terrain and everything yours? I also think that you're probably not using the right mode whilst taking these pictures, I'm sure there must be a way of getting them more in-focus.

SpaceSquid said...

The scenery is mine, yes. The surface is a GW battlemat. And I meant to finally start fiddling with the modes on my camera before I took these pictures, but in the end I didn't have time before Big G and Spielbergo got home and trampled my precious figures into the ground.