Saturday, 14 February 2009

Quote Of The Day

Steve Benen is amused that some in the religious right are concerned that the name is derogatory.
If the movement's leaders believe "religious right" has become synonymous with extremism and hatred, perhaps the movement should be less extreme and hateful.
Word. For the record, I really hope that this idea gains traction. It's one more instance of the ludicrous thinking running across conservative America that if you are despised for massive political failures and/or despicable twisting of Christian thought, then the best way to recover influence is to change your name. The more fools we get to believe that, the longer they'll be in the wilderness (obviously, in an ideal world, they would actually try not being dicks, but I'm not holding my breath).

Remember when Pepsi spent X million dollars on their "Change The Script" campaign, desperately hoping far more people would drink their product if it came in a blue can? Same thing here. Only this time the can might be blue, but you still won't be allowed to buy it if you're gay, or a Muslim, or pro-choice, or a liberal, or a woman.

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