Monday, 27 April 2009

Obscure Branching

Another post which exists exclusively to trumpet myself (or, if you prefer, another post which exists exclusively to directly trumpet myself): my first paper has at long last been published under my "academic" name, Richard J Crossman.

If anyone has an interest in imprecise Markov chains, or just fancies a quick look at some equilateral triangles, it might be worth a quick look, if you can actually find a copy (or you can borrow mine, which just arrived today).

I am now officially a published academic, which is deeply pleasing. Plus, I'll be submitting my thesis within the week. Everything's coming up SpaceSquid.


Pause said...


Now be a good academic and put it on arxiv so we can all see the pretty triangles at our leisure.

Morose Midget said...

Congratulations (soon to be) Dr Squid, now you are one of us: work all night, teach all day, never grow cool - it's fun to be a vam.. err, academic