Thursday, 16 April 2009

Snark Of The Day

I can't remember who I cribbed "Snark of the Day" from, so my apologies to them for not offering a specific hat tip.

Steve Benen on the Republican "agenda":

Imagine having an iPod and putting your entire music library on the hard drive -- consisting of only two songs. You can put it on shuffle, but all you'd hear are the same two songs, over and over again.

The Republican leadership's economic agenda is that iPod -- the same two songs for every situation. Worse, the songs aren't just old, they were never especially good in the first place.


Senior Spielbergo said...

I like not having, and therefore not needing to participate in party politics:

*Engage white boy rap music beat*:

*Insert Party you support* is great and wonderful.
*Insert Opposition Party* are all clearly evil.
*Insert Party you support* have new ideas that will lead us forward.
*Insert Opposition Party*’s ideas are all outdated and clearly rubbish.
*Insert Party you support* only fails because *Insert Opposition Party* mindlessly vote against our propositions out of spite.
This is why *Insert Party you support* kicks ass! Yo!

2 songs on your iPod? Better than just the same one on everyone’s iPod.

Tom said...

Actually once you've participated in party politics for a few years, it's more a case of:

*Melancholy remix of D:REAM*

"Party A are really awful, but on balance they're not quite as despicable as Party B".


SpaceSquid said...

You two should form a cynical political rap collective.

One of the reasons I enjoy American politics so much is that it genuinely is so easy to distinguish the banal and self-interested from the thoroughly idiotic and evil.

Chemie said...

American politics is an over advertised version of that gladiators-on-mushrooms-hitting-each-other-with giant-cotton-buds combat. High stakes, loud and filled with some terrifying ideas.

British and European politics is the spectator sport of gentlemen. It's like attempting a fencing dual in someone's drawing room -and it's the granny with the poisoned tea that finally takes someone down. Lower stakes, polite, sneaky and if you swipe too wide you damage the antiques and everyone gets cross.

I know which one I prefer.