Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Also On The List For A Firm Self-Screwing

Since I took the time yesterday to tell Texas to go to Hell, I would be remiss in my old-man-yells-at-cloud duties were I not to point out that right now, Arizona and Oklahoma are much worse.

How much worse, you ask? How about a new Arizona law allowing people to be arrested if they can't immediately prove they are citizens? A law so ludicrously overreaching they're begging the Feds to help pay for it? I guess "Big Gubmit" isn't so much of an issue when it's only showing up to kick brown people back to Sonora, but you have to be missing a fairly worrying proportion of your frontal lobes to suggest universal health care is the first step to a police state but suggesting all citizens carry papers to avoid arrest is just a way of getting tough on crime.

Or how about this: new laws in Oklahoma demanding women seeking abortion receive an ultrasound and a detailed oral description of their foetus first, with no exception for rape and incest cases, and which protects doctors from lawsuits they may incur from deliberately hiding the existence of probable birth-defects from expectant mothers? Because nothing screams "good idea" like offering legal protection to doctors who want to lie to their patients.

The Democratic governor of Oklahoma tried to veto both those latter bills, by the way, only to have his vetoes overridden by the Republican-dominated state legislature. Which, y'know, I mention by way of one of my fairly frequent reminders that there is a significant proportion of the American population that has quite simply lost its mind. Even when that Mississippi school board pulling a prom-night bait-and-switch to stop evil lesbians ruining the pageantry with their tuxedos and cock-hating, it didn't get me quite as pissed off as this.

Hey, Mississippi! Arizona and Oklahoma are making you look like a wussy librul! How the fuck is that even possible!?!

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