Sunday, 25 April 2010

I Will Now Produce Maths Only In Exchange For Canadian Geese

Things have been comparatively quiet on the US politics front lately. There's still a sense of Congress recuperating from their last cataclysmic battle, whilst they slowly shuffle their pieces into place for the next one.

Before we get there, though, and the fur starts flying over the Next Big Thing (which is almost certainly going to be either immigration reform or an environment bill (EDIT: or financial reform, obviously)), let's take a minute to remember what was achieved a month ago: the Americans received a massive overhaul to healthcare that didn't involve bartering with chickens.

In truth, I think the site gives Lowden entirely too much credit, since it's assuming a linear utility for chickens. Far more likely is the possibility that the relationship between cost and chicken number is exponential. Or even unimodal. After all, ten chickens is a thoughtful gift. Eight thousand is a is a madly-clucking shit-factory. Plus, one would assume they'd make doctor's surgeries significantly less hygienic. That means more plastic gloves and antiseptic sprays, which presuambly Lowden will suggest be paid for using honey badgers and raccoon skins.

h/t to LGM.

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