Monday, 12 April 2010

Five Things...

...I learned in Sheffield.

1. There is at least one Italian restaurant in that city in which you can "accidentally" get hold of a friend's vegetarian meal, eat half of it, claim ignorance when said friend sends back his meat-o-rama, be handed said pigpocalypse amidst profuse apologies, eat all of that, and not be charged over the "mistake". This restaurant also garnishes its calzone pizzas with goddamn mince, making this an even more wizard wheeze than might already seem the case [1];

2. Three player Talisman is a lot of fun. Five player Talisman is an ungodly bloated mess of never-ending failure, which is still awesome as Hell;

3. Due to some bizarre timey-wimey effect I have now switched places with the previous rabid fans of Doctor Who and now find myself as the one defending the nonsensical plot lines cynically soldered together according to a checklist of emotions. I reckon I'll give it another week before telling everyone they're not true fans and they are secretly both poisoned against and jealous of Moffat because he's Scottish. I will also allow my spelling and grammar to slide precipitously;

4. It has now been scientifically proven that there is no amount of booze that can make the ending of Transformers 2 bearable. One can merely either despise it, or lapse into a alcohol-induced coma;

5. You should never insult a spectacularly mediocre 90's indie band in case the uncle of one of the members is sat at the table immediately behind you. Seriously, how on Earth did I manage that one? And who could possibly have guessed anyone would admit to being related to one quarter of Cast?

[1] I seem to be in something of a Jennings mood today. This is simply the latest in a long list of temporary personality changes that lay beyond mortal ken.

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