Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Filching

Courtesy of Senior Spielbergo, the delightful site of a wonderfully cute penguin robbing its neighbours blind.

What I find hard to believe is the director's description of this activity as "occasional".  The penguins at Edinburgh Zoo are always engaging in a bit of three-toed discount at each other's expense.  Maybe it's something brought on by captivity.  Or, you know, exposure to the Scottish.

Just look at how happy that little bird is with his ill-gotten gains.  Clearly he's more well adjusted than similarly criminally-minded jackdaws, who I've read sink into deep bouts of paranoia that everyone else is as crooked as they are. 

Actually, that might have been Al Capone.

Posting might be very light for the next week, as I'm off on holiday with the Other Half, along with Chemie, Tomsk, Moddy Dhoo and various other members of our less than savoury gang.  Everyone be nice whilst I'm away.

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