Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sacrifice The Stragglers

Tremble, feeble humanity!  We have become wise to your tricks!  The article might blame weather conditions for the lack of squid-seizing, but in truth we were all the seabed drawing up our plans for total subjugation of the Earth's surface.

Sleep lightly.

(Also, too: £210 for that thing?  If I'd found that in a seafood wrap, I'd think someone was taking the piss.)

(h/t Ibb)


Chris said...

210 pounds refers to the size of fish that can be caught on the rod without it breaking. I am unsure how much you'd pay for such a mighty piece of equipment.

SpaceSquid said...

That didn't occur to me, despite the fact that for a moment I thought it might refer to the weight of the rod itself, before dismissing this as ridiculous. D'oh!