Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Suggestion

It has come to my attention that the Sun is giving away teeny tiny Star Wars Lego toys today and Sunday.  They're gorgeous: I love 'em.

Unfortunately, of course, the Sun is evil, a villainous attempt to simulate the inner workings of the mind of a horny twelve-year old sociopath, who also likes football.

So, if you couldn't resist the temptation of the galaxy's tiniest Star Destroyers, might I suggest you donate at least the cost of the disgraceful rag you've purchased to charity.  Preferably a charity than stands in proud opposition to the schoolyard cruelty of Rupert Murdoch's stupidest vassal.

Like this one, for example.

Also, fun fact: this dinky Lego Star Destroyer is about 32 000 times shorter than the "real thing"; in order to fill an actual Star Destroyer with these toys, the Sun would have to give one away with every issue for the next thirty five thousand years.

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