Saturday, 12 May 2012

Too Dark To See

There are certain things I just do not get about a certain brand of conservatives.  A lot of what the right says I find selfish, or heartless, or stupid, or often some or all of those together, but I can at least comprehend the kind of person who would come to such conclusions - hell, I can probably comprehend circumstances under which I would have come to such conclusions myself.

Sometimes, though, something comes along that makes so little sense to me that it might as well have come from the mouth of a particularly unpleasant Klingon.  How am I supposed to process the fact that Josh Trevino got out of bed one day and thought "It's time I defend people who pin teenagers to the floor and forcibly cut their hair for fun"?  Via Erik Loomis:
What this ludicrous story on Young Mitt represents is the intersection of the political hit piece with the anti-bullying hysteria... I actually feel better about Mitt, knowing he’ll forcibly cut hippies’ hair. 
How is it humanly possible Trevino didn't stop to wonder whether this was a road he wanted to go down.  Limiting himself to the "it was a long time ago, and he was still in high-school" is at least a defensible position - almost every teenage boy is an arsehole, and some grow out of it faster than others, though this is pretty vile even by such low standards.  Instead, Trevino decided to go on record and argue that assaulting people in order to force them to conform is a good thing, and objecting to such attacks is "hysteria."

I just don't get it.

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