Sunday, 9 September 2012

Eastbound And Dino

As previously mentioned, I'll be in Munich from this evening until next Sunday afternoon.  Again, I'd expect little in the way of posting, especially as I really want to get some work in on the other blog before it gets too dusty.

Also, since I have no intention of writing a full post about it, a quick comment on last night's Doctor Who: Chris Chibnall turned in a career-high script that finally wasn't noticeably more prosaic and/or terribly written than what surrounded it (though I'll admit having a soft spot for "42").  That said, I'm not sure this is evidence he's finally rearing his head above the level of basic competence, so much as it's proof that being handed dinosaurs, spaceships, and Mitchell and Webb is a brief not even the guy who wrote "Cyberwoman" could screw up.

Also, Mark Williams managed to do much better here than
in Being Human, for which we should all be grateful.

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