Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Talisman: How The Fuck Does One Swash, Anyhow?

Hot on the heels of the fearsome werewolf; a guy in silly clothes waving a sword around. Bathos, thy name is random choice of Talisman miniatures to paint:

 Also just out of the oven: things get worse and worse aboard the Sin of Damnation's corridors (and not just because that Terminator has apparently found wooden decks with bulkheads made of cheap cardboard)...

and the Heldenhammer continues to slowly approach completion, or at least the point at which everything will be glued on and so harder to lose.


Chris said...

You swash by missing with your sword a lot. Also, that Heldenhammer paint job may be turning out to be one of the best you've done, it looks really good.

SpaceSquid said...

If that includes boneswords, then I have the largest collection of swashing Tyranids in this or any other galaxy.

Thanks for the painting compliment. I am quite proud of how it's turning out, especially given the basecoat went on nine months ago.

Chris said...

Thats a little unfair, they're usually just gunned down before they get a chance to try.

I sympathise with your painting speed problems. I got pathetically excited that I finsished my Chaos in the Old World bloodthirster after just over a year.

SpaceSquid said...

"Isn't that just like a 'Nid? Brings a bonesword to a bolter fight!"

You'll have to show me your 'Thirster the next time I'm around. Then you can beat me with it, in time-honoured fashion.