Thursday, 20 September 2012

Well That's Alright Then

Shorter Nick Clegg: I promise I've learned that promises are bad, and I promise I won't make any more promises unless my party promises it's something they can promise. Pinky swear!

Presumably by "no easy way to say this", he means the difficulty in sneaking this past anyone capable of putting on a hat unaided.


Tomsk said...

Two good responses, courtesy of the Guardian -

Nick Clegg apologised for the wrong thing

Clegg apology with subtitles

Tomsk said...

Previous links had insufficient autotune. At the risk of resembling a spambot, here are some catchier links:


Romney vs Obama

SpaceSquid said...

Nice to know that when Clegg is finally Caesared there's a career waiting for him as a singing cyborg. I always thought he looked like a former boy-band member who's let himself go a bit.