Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's Still Raining In My Bathroom

I'll warn you going in to this one that there's absolutely no point to this post other than allowing me to vent against a bunch of incompetent turdbricks making my life difficult.

It has now been a fortnight since my landlady's choice of surveyor assured us that my bathroom ceiling wouldn't collapse, and at least a week and a half since it did exactly that.  It is eight days since the same collection of amateurs and hacks put in the barest minimum effort into cleaning the mess their incompetence was responsible for.  It is seven days since, after repeated attempts to contact them, said goobers explained they couldn't work out where the leak was coming from in any case, but would try and work it out.  It has been a day and a half since the leak expanded from just being water to apparently containing someone's hair, which for someone who watches as much J-Horror as I do is distinctly unsettling:

It has also now been a day and a half since I did their job for them, clambering onto a slippery bath in the dead of night with a torch and tracing the leak to -surprise! - the large hole in the plasterboard of the true ceiling directly above the large hole in the plasterboard of the false ceiling which my bathroom boasts, or did until recently. It's almost as thought he leak has eaten through one barrier and moved onto the next. And left a fucking shit-ton of evidence, as well.

It has now been a day since this information was passed on, and a day since I learned that the only contact my letting agency or my landlord has received from the surveyors is a bill for what they've done so far. Whether this is just for the two functions they failed to perform, or for both those and the clean-up job necessitated by said failures, I do not know.

Tomorrow morning they will be returning to the flat, for reasons unspecified.  I'm not even willing to assume they'll want to work on the ceiling at this point.  They may just want to charge me for their time as well. Or install the angry ghost of a dead Japanese schoolgirl.  If I weren't moving out in a month or two anyway, I'd have released the lawyers already.

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