Thursday, 27 September 2012

Two In A Row, And A Hole In One

Continuing this blog's recent decision to be all sports, all the time, here's something interesting from Mitt Romney: the best athlete of the 20th century?  A white guy.

My first thought here was "great way to ramp up that 0% share of the black vote you're currently enjoying" (this is not an exaggeration). Then again, he was talking to Nicklaus at the time.  There's every chance Mitt Romney would call me the greatest athlete in a hundred years if I was thinking about cutting him a cheque.  A cynical part of me even wondered if Romney is trying to capture more of the vital racist vote that barring an asteroid striking the economy (a difficult thing to arrange given the vastness of space and the non-physical nature of the target) is literally his only path to victory.  I've been wanting to ask every Republican presidential candidate from Nixon onwards why realising you need the racists isn't prima facie evidence that you need to change your thinking, but there you go.

But after all that, the ABC article I linked to goes on to tell me that Sports Illustrated thinks the same thing.  Nicklaus really is the doggiest of dog's bollocks, nineteen hundreds wise.

Personally, I would think that to be a truly mighty athlete you need to a) carry your own kit, and b) walk to where you're going to be swinging shit about, but that's just me.  If there was an alternative title of Accurate-est Motherfucker, I'd be far happier handing that over to the guy.  Though Steve Davis might not agree.

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