Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Bug Bugging

Now this is what I'm talking about. At long last we can take the war to the insects! Infiltrate their bases! Learn their plans! Seduce their women, only to dash their unsuspecting hearts against the steel frames of our robotic interlopers!

Actually, do insects even have hearts? That's something else for RoboBeetle to find out. After the crushing, obviously. I don't really care about the exact biological terminology, but something better get ripped out and stamped on.

I mean, why else spend all that money on a remote-controlled cyborg beetle that can't be fitted with weapons that can harm anyone, or even a locator so as to know exactly where it's failing to do any damage to your human enemies? Surely you'd just stick it inside a nest of its former cousins and force it to start fucking things up, right?

Just make sure the Fourth Directive is never harm humanity. Also, don't get disappointed with RoboBeetle and attach two miniguns to a particularly angry wasp. That never ends well.

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