Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two If By Sea

I promise I'll write something proper soon; I have a post on Secret Invasion half-formed in my head (which at least will be more timely than my comments on Civil War), but in the meantime: let's all take a minute to stare in amazement at a giant squid steam-punk submarine cake.

It's one of those cakes that's almost too awesome to eat. And I don't say that often. I looooves me some cake.

h/t to Jen over at the Cake Wrecks blog, probably the only place in the world you can fina an edible Frankenstein's monster with a penis instead of a nose.


Chemie said...

aaah Cakewrecks. I have happily wasted much time there over the years.

SpaceSquid said...

I keep forgetting about it and then rediscovering its joyfulness.

Talia said...

I love Cake Wrecks. I spent a full five minutes chuckling over THAT turkey cake earlier on.

SpaceSquid said...

Yeah, that was an interesting one.