Friday, 2 October 2009

Your Challenge Is Accepted

It has recently (i.e. fifteen minutes ago) been brought to my attention that rival blog "Senior Spielbergo" has declared war upon MotCC. Whilst I am obviously disappointed to learn that our differences could not be settled through diplomacy, I shall not shrink from the use of force. No amount of scurrilous use of misleading graphs or the despicable refusal to agree with every post that is vomited from my fevered brain will dissuade me. He can waste all the time in the world trying to defend the underdog against my wrath! [1] I shall not be defeated!

To demonstrate my unwillingness to back down, let me point out that everyone from Jersey was a collaborator, and in addition that Senior Spielbergo has actually managed to mis-spell his own blog title. Or at least, so I had always assumed. Maybe not. Maybe there's a Junior Spielbergo running around! WHY HAS THE PUBLIC NOT BEEN INFORMED! Does this Jersey Bean (or Half Bean, or whatever; I forget how it works) have no shame? Parading his alleged [2] love-child before us? Capering in the filth of his own degradation? Won't somebody please think of the children!?!

Think of them, in fact, the fuck up.

(I daren't think what people's filters will make of that, I've already gotten an e-mail telling me my blog is too graphic [3] for the sender's work computer).

[1] The underdog in this case being a massively powerful set of well-paid shills for the most corporation-y of corporations, and/or Michele Bachman.

[2] Actual allegation copyright SpaceSquid Productions 2009.

[3] Or is it, in fact, simply TOO FILLED WITH TRUTH!?!

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