Thursday, 29 October 2009

Taking Stock

It's almost Halloween, people! And practically everything is prepared. In fact, I've just come back from a ridiculously large shopping trip (funded by Trainline finally coughing up what they owed). In order to facilitate merriment, I bought:

2 bottles of Strongbow (to make spiced cider);
8 cans of Kronenbourg;
4 cans of Strongbow;
4 cans of Kopparberg (to keep Tiger happy);
3 bottles of soft drinks;
2 McCoy's crisps six-packs;
5 bags of Haribo sweets;
1 bag of Jelly Babies;
2 tubs of Gu "Naughties" (bite-sized cake pieces that Garathon introduced me to and to which I am now addicted);
1 pumpkin.

Having passed all these items through the scanner without comment, the lady at the checkout then picked up the set of bat-embossed plastic tumblers I'd selected and said "Oh! You're preparing for Halloween!"

As to the menu board for films, I have purchased The Mist (which is awesome), Hellraiser (also awesome) Drag Me To Hell (allegedly awesome) and Return To House On Haunted Hill (which I can only hope is terrible in the exact same way the original one was). I also have a copy of Zombie Strippers, but it is important to note that this was denoted by a friend, and in no way something I paid for or sought out.


Chemie said...

Strongbow? You really are making an effort with the disgusting and scary....

SpaceSquid said...

It tastes much nicer once it's spiced. The cans were part of a 3 for 2 deal which sadly failed to cover Woodpecker (the superior budget cider).

Jamie said...

Chemie beat me to it; if you're going to choose any cider for spicing, why would you choose Strongbow? (or Woodpecker for that matter...)

SpaceSquid said...

The only alternative was Olde English, which I hate.

And Woodpecker is by far the best of all plastic bottle ciders. Anything more swanky (Green Goblin, Aspell's) feels too good to spice.

Tomsk said...

It would surely be a waste to use a top quality cider, just like it would be a waste to use Rioja to make mulled wine.

SpaceSquid said...

That was my take on it.

Jamie said...

Fair enough. Blackthorn beats the crap out of Woodpecker and Strongbow though.