Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Declaring Victory

It is with a glad heart that I report Senior Spielbergo has defeated himself in our little altercation before I have even had the time to organise my forces. By revealing that his mis-spelling of his own name stems from his craven insistence on copying and pasting my words rather than considering his own, he reveals himself to be exactly the sort of person whose lack of research and intellectual curiosity means that they will believe anything, including deliberately incorrect spellings laid as traps.

And even if I had mis-spelled his name by accident, which I think we can all agree is vanishingly unlikely, it should be noted that whilst spelling people's names wrong is a bit of a poor show, even (or perhaps especially) when you gave them that name yourself, it is orders of magnitude worse to fail to adequately check a quote before one uses it as one's blog title. Yet what more could be expected of a man who would turn against he who named him, and clothed him in the cloak of bloghood? How sharper than a serpent's tooth, and so on.

Truly, Spielbergo has sunk to such depths it is impossible to do anything but pity the man.

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Gooder said...

And we are to believe you deliberatly miss-spelled the name because...?