Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: Size Still Matters

Now that I've completely finished my Imperial bastion I figured I'd stick some more snaps up. This time it's being manned by a krootox and its rider (which I believe to be one of only five painted miniatures yet to be featured on this blog), who is presumably suffering a slight case of weapon envy stood next to that rather impressive lascannon.

Note that the close-up reveals that my bastion is just too awesome for my small (illegally small, in fact) unit of Bretonnian knights to stand. The one on the right as you're looking at them is another of the five previously unseen miniatures. He's a Riverlands knight done up in the livery of House Paege, and I'll probably show him off better next year, when I've managed to get the unit up to an almighty four models.

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