Thursday, 3 December 2009

Orders Of Magnitude

I really wasn't expecting to reach 10 000 hits so soon. Sure, that's pretty tiny by the scale of almost every other blog I read (MGK gets that many hits in a weekend, not that I'm in any way bitter), but I'm very proud of my tiny outpost on the fringes of the blogohedron, and I appreciate people taking the time to look around.

It's also worth noting that the speed with which we've reached 5 figures means that it is mathematically feasible that MotCC will reach a million hits within my life time (though admittedly that requires me living to 104).

Let the great journey begin!

Also, courtesy of Pause (by way of Somethink Fun), your religious snark for the day:

Yes, "mindless followers" is hardly true for all Christians (I'd probably have gone for "Demands the consuming of blood or flesh," myself), but then it isn't really a very fair label to pin on vampires, either. Which is the greater crime?

(Edited for clarity).


Senior Spielbergo said...

Grrrrr! Do you ever see me having a go at Atheists?

SpaceSquid said...

No, but that doesn't mean you couldn't. Especially if you wanted to do it in a form as inately silly as a Venn diagram of fictional horror villains.