Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shake #31

Today's shake: Skittles Crazy Sours

Taste: 8
Texture: 5
Synergy: 8
Scorn: 7
Total Score: 6

General Comments: Dammit, when am I going to get any good with the scorn score?

In my defence, who could have seen this working? "Sour" and "milk" are two words that are frequently seen together, and it invariably means bad news. Even if you're Tectonese, it means a nasty hangover, and for us humans, it gets a whole lot worse.

In this rarefied circumstance, though, it works perfectly. It shouldn't. Ever stuffed a dozen Skittles in your mouth and chomped them up, just to see what they taste like? That taste is like nothing else on Earth. It's like five different flavours that at the same time are a single, really weird one. I was afraid that was what I was going to get here, only with an after-taste that would blow my eyeballs out.

Instead, ludicrously, wonderfully, the whole think tasted like Raspberry Ripple, with a faint tang to the after-taste to stop it getting samey. Well, I say after-taste, really it was more like it was coming and going, like a sine wave of sourness. Or a super-villain who wanted to toy with me awhile before annihilation.

Of course, if annihilation tastes this good, I say bring it on.

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