Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday Outrage

Sometimes, I use a lot of words. Yeah, I know, pass the smelling salts, ‘old the phone, etc. My point is, I recognise the problem. From time to time, though, I like to see exactly how few words are needed to demolish an argument. With Jennifer Rubin, I reckon I can do it in eight. Well, I could do it in three, actually; “Fuck you, Rubin”, which I admit is hardly a compelling argument, but entirely in keeping with her intellectual level (which most closely resembles a crab with access to spell-check). But let’s rise above the level of our opponents, shall we (it’s not like it’s much of a job, in any case). Our subject bleats (even if she is quoting):
if you are not with Israel, you are against her. And if you do not oppose with every fiber of your being and every instrument at your disposal that which intends the Jewish state harm, you are enabling her destroyers.
and we respond: “What if we oppose the Jewish state harming itself?”

This is Larison’s territory, amongst others, so I shan’t stay long, save to note the obvious. Rubin is not defending Israel. She thinks she is, because she’s a hack and a fool, but she isn’t. She is defending the Israeli government, and hoping nobody notices. Actually, even that gives her too much credit. She’s defending the Israeli government and labelling anyone who queries her an Israeli-hater.

There is little in this world more tiring than someone who pretends the usual gaggle of bureaucrats, warmongers and sex addicts that sit atop a country can be conflated with the population itself. I suffered through enough of that idiocy during the Bush administration, thanks very much. Of course, my displeasure with this state of affairs really isn’t the issue. The issue is that Rubin can be so staggeringly, apoplexy-inducingly imbecilic as to argue criticism of Netanyahu and his cronies is equivalent to attacking Israel whilst simultaneously calling out Obama as a douche-bag.

There are only two alternatives, here. Rubin is either a traitor, or she is a grotesque hypocrite. I would tend to suspect the latter, actually. She can probably make her own mind up, of course, but it’s one or the other.

Israel’s goverment is quite simply killing Israel on the international stage, just as Bush skull-fucked the corpse of UN sympathy after 9/11, only Israel can afford it far, far less. Those of us with an interest in the state of the Israeli people will continue to point this out long after Rubin has forgotten this latest crisis amongst the the general morass of violence and lunacy and death. Assuming “Long after” is still a phrase that can be applied at all in this case, because sooner or later Rubin and her posse are going to support Israel into extinction. The fact that she will blame us for it will be fairly cold comfort all around.

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