Wednesday, 16 June 2010

We Can Haz Internashunal Simpafy?

It may be that this isn't going to be considered much of a change, if indeed it materialises at all, but beyond being at least faintly pleased at the possibility of the Gaza blockade being slackened, it will be interesting to see what this announcement is going to do to Israel's insane cheerleading section. Do they condemn Israel's government as traitors to their own country - which whilst ridiculously and unpleasantly hyperbolic would at least imply they finally understand the concept that Israel was always potentially in danger of damage from Israel - or do they once again reflexively declare this the best thing to happen to the Middle East since sliced pita bread, which would mean tacitly agreeing that everyone who told them that the current situation was bullshit squared actually had a point, rather than being blood-crazed anti-Semitic quislings.

Just kidding, obviously. Ten Earth pounds says each and everyone of them loudly proclaims that this is a great idea after killing nine people, all of whom deserved it, whereas before the IDF flexed their muscles with a massacre of civilians on ships in international waters, relaxing the blockade would have brought the destruction of Israel within three months. Just you wait. Nothing like watching worthless lickspittles painting themselves into logical corners.

(As a side bar, I should mention that my previous couple of posts on this subject shouldn't be construed as implying I am unsympathetic to Israel. I am simply unsympathetic to ignorant turds. And whilst there are plenty of ignorant turds who blindly support Hamas, very few of them have columns in major American newspapers).

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