Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Shake Experiment: Slight Return

With the World Cup now in full swing (and it's faintly depressing that my definition of "full swing" appears to be "England have gone"), it seemed like an opportune time to dust off The Shake Experiment for a day and try out the "World Cup Special", which rather pathetically is just the Mars Bar shake previously available (though buying it did give me the opportunity to talk to the shop keeper about football; it appears my ability to blag my way through such conversations is growing).

Today's shake: Mars Bar

Taste: 7
Texture: 5
Synergy: 6
Scorn: 2
Total Score: 6.5

General Comments: I figured this would work well, mainly because of a previous addiction to Mars Bar ice creams that I am still struggling to overcome (I probably shouldn't have had this shake at all, already I can feel the crabings kicking in). Unfortunately, the Mars Bar milkshake is a poor cousin to that most noble of frozen treats. There just isn't enough chocolate in there. It's like eating vanilla ice-cream mixed with caramel, and if that's what your into then fair play. I found it all rather sickly.

Still, I'm at least glad the proprietor hadn't chosen to stop selling it after Sunday, or to replace it with a steaming turd floating in a bowl of cream, as some might have been tempted to.

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