Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Half-Life Of Falsehoods

Kevin Drum notes that far more people have a favourable opinion of Obama's healthcare bill (passed, you may remember, in mid March amongst much wailing and gnashing of teeth) than have an unfavourable opinion, and that we're not that far out from the favourables being a clear majority over the unfavourables and undecideds combined.

Obviously, that's good news, but it kind of makes me wonder whether anyone will remember to ask Megan McArdle if she wants to amend her idiotic column demanding no bill be passed unless the majority support it at the time of passage. I mean, I can't imagine she will, given she's already willfully blind enough to argue that bills should be vetoed by comparatively small majority objection but that massive majority preference shouldn't compel Congress to actually lift a finger, but it's still a logical bind I'd enjoy watching her trying to wriggle out of.

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