Thursday, 24 June 2010

"Looks Like I Chose The Wrong Week To Quit Totalitarian Censorship Of All International Competition"

North Korea's choice for their first ever live broadcast of an international football game? Their 7-0 drubbing at the hands of Portugal. Worst... timing ...ever. One wonders whether they decided their near-draw (numerically speaking at least) against Brazil meant the Portugal match would be winnable?

Speaking of which, I have to note how amused I am by the idea that Brazil can scrape a win against the same team Portugal can beat into the ground like hog-tied cockroaches, but that most people would say Brazil vs Portugal would go to the former. There's just something so wonderfully non-transitive about it all (though as BigHead notes, that's just because these results are random variables and Brazil picked out a really, really unlikely one).

Lastly, my favourite American political blog sporting comment of the day (courtesy of Randinho over at Balloon Juice): who would have thought that by this stage in the tournament Landon Donovan would have scored more goals than Ronaldo, Rooney or Drogba? Also all of France?

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Tomsk said...

As Jimmy Greaves said: "It's a non-transitive old game".