Monday, 5 July 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Man, this is an insanely busy month. On top of the standard crises (two papers to write, a quiz to put together, layman's statistics to compile), my esteemed flatmate and myself have a little less than four weeks to gather together all our worldly possessions and cart them over to our brand new flat. I mean, the flat itself is gorgeous; I'm really looking forward to living there. The actual process, however, is liable to kill me, and I've only been going for a few days.

This means that updates might be a little irregular over the course of the month. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to peruse Lucifer or consider Cannonball, and right now I can't find much of interest on the intertubes to write about.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Today, at least, I can offer this - via Obsidian Wings - in which Jim Henley laments that disturbing part of the human condition that leads it to conclude that diplomacy fails if it doesn't work immediately, and violence can only ever fail if we don't give it forever to work.


Chemie said...

Does the new flat have a room designed for storing up your hate? Or just finally sufficient storage for the CDs>

SpaceSquid said...

Well, the hate might be an issue, but CDs, definitely. My new bedroom is about the same size as my current living room.