Monday, 26 July 2010

Wait, What?

One of the best things about having a hit counter on the blog is the number of ancillary statistics it generates. How many people arrive a day, who is new and who is returning, where in the world my readers come from; lots of nice things to look at and consider.

Possibly my favourite part though is the list of keyword searches people have put into Google or similar that have led them to visiting my site.

Usually these are exactly what you'd think: "Cosmic Calamari"; "Musings of the Cosmic Calamari"; basic things like that.

Except today, when I found "alas smith and jones million million"; "martian water giver in the olympics"; and, most alarmingly, "I FUCK MYJAPANESE MOTHER INKITCHEN".

I'd like to apologise to all three readers, who almost certainly didn't find what they were looking for. Though I think anyone who comes to their computer thinking "Man, I need to see a Nipponese man bang his mother but only on a kitchen table" is liable to be asking too much of the internet in any case.


Pause said...

Rule 34, man.

SpaceSquid said...

I am aware of Rule 34, as I am all internet tradishuns, but for the sake of what tattered remains of my sanity still cling to my soul, I refuse to believe it.

Pause said...

Well, there is one simple (and arguably scientific) way of finding out whether what that poor soul was looking for exists, using the tools they left you. But for the sake of those same tattered remains, I wouldn't recommend it.