Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday Gothic: Wings Of Blood

Yeah, this is more commonly a Friday thing, but I've been chipping away at my 'Nid army for weeks without anything worth photographing, and the Flat Issue continues to take up 90% of my free time, so I'm claiming a little leeway to bring out something that's actually finished. This is the first vessel in my Blood Angel fleet: the striker cruiser Trevelyan.

Once again, we're in the Carpet Nebula (the last time my ships will venture into that particular stellar phenomenon, which feels a little weird), though this time we're at the intersection of that particular gas cloud with the DVD/Cupboard Expanse. The most important world in this area is the homeworld of the Gooder Hegemony - pictured here - whose supreme ruler has bankrupted the planetary economy in order to redecorate the entire world as a giant replica of the ancient human game of "Sorcor" (note also the mad despot's creation of a massive orbital statue of his own foot).

I'm not 100% happy with this one, to be honest. My plan for shading (50:50 Red Gore and Blood Red with two Blood Red drybrush layers) hasn't really worked; it's all a bit too uniform. On the other hand, it does manage what I wanted the most, to make the Trevelyan obviously different from the organic monstrosities of Hive Fleet Tengu.

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