Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Day Late, A Buck Short

Grr. Having a million things to do is so irritating. I was all ready to go to town on this, for example. I've seen American politicians - and not just Republicans, by any means - do some lunatic things, but threatening to sue your opponent for preventing you hiding your own platform seemed pretty far out there even by US standards.

My immediate response to this was: why not publish anyway? Reid's chances of victory looked horribly bleak before Angle was chosen as his opponent, but the latter is such an obvious nutball the outlook has gotten somewhat brighter (though I'm not sure I'd put money on him keeping his seat). What better way to play on the lunatic angle (no pun intended) than enter into a noisy court battle?

Since then I've discovered that there were two issues, though; the copyright of Angle's crazy, and the possibility that the Reid campaign might end up with people accidentally giving their details thinking they were helping his opponent. Clearly, that latter part is a justifiable concern, so I'd changed my stance from "publish and be damned" to "publish absent detail collection and be damned" (which, admittedly, is somewhat less snappy).

So, that was going to be today's post. Annoyingly for me, though, Reid has already done it. I'm looking forward enormously to seeing what Angle does next. As far as I can see, this looks like being a story she should desperately want to kill as soon as possible.

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