Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tales Of Incompetence And Woe: Chapter The Third

Since I spent so much time complaining about the bathroom situation when it was going badly, I should mention that the plumbers responded to my latest complaint with commendable speed. The current theory (which strikes me as implausible, but then there's a reason why I've avoided any form 0f physically relevant maths for the last eleven years) is that a tiny hairline crack in the cistern is responsible for all the problems. They have therefore replaced the entire toilet, which is entirely welcome. Rather less welcome was their insistence on making me inspect my previous khazi, and point out the exact point where all the faeces had collected.

I'm a simple man, as you know. I like to believe everyone could get along if only the world was different. I like to think my computer is powered by benevolent pixies. And, at a bare minimum, I would like to live my life without anyone showing me a reservoir of shit. Not even my shit, for that matter, though I guess when faced with a container overflowing with crap the provenance of same is something of a secondary issue.

Regardless, despite the amount of time and effort this situation has demanded from me, and despite how difficult it is to persuade one's Other Half to stick around once the entire flat smells of shit, I am delighted that I finally have a replacement for that most essential of household features.

Unless it's still leaking, of course. I will check up on the situation when I get back from Oxford tomorrow. Hopes aren't high.

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