Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another Tremor Beneath The Tower

So, the next installment of my increasingly tardy series of data sets has arrived.  Naturally, it's completely incompatible with what I already had.  Turns out, rather than simply missing the third data set, I was also missing fully one half of each of the first two data sets, and now I'm missing the other half of the third.

And all of this is just the baseline data.  I've no idea in the slightest whether there's actually been any information gathered at the end of all this.  Not that it particularly matters at this point - there's little point in trying to figure out if patients have seen significant changes in their test results if their original results are missing.

To paraphrase Josh Lyman, the fifth year of this two-year study doesn't seem to be going any better than the first four.

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