Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Seven Facebooks Of Mark Zuckerberg

Man, the internet is a scary place these days.  Netflix has apparently been infiltrated by anti-capitalist Skrulls (or something), and Facebook is apparently going through more abrupt personality changes than '80s Doctor Who.  Presumably that means we're due for a year-long disappearance, mangled grammar, massive budget cuts, a sudden and remarkable improvement in product, and then lots of cats followed by cancellation.

Hopefully one day Sorkin and Fincher will dramatise this period of hyperactive, directionless cosmetic fiddling in The Social Network II: Antisocial As Fuck, in which the frenetic lunacy of the time will be represented by having the actors receive page after page of updated dialogue whilst the cameras are actually rolling.  Each scene will only end when Jesse Eisenberg becomes disorientated and overwhelmed, and bursts into tears.  Which is presumably how meetings end at Facebook's secret underground volcano lair these days in any case.

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