Sunday, 11 September 2011

Spectrum Spleunking

Time to rock it older-skool (old-skooler?) than we ever have before, with one of my favourite childhood games.  Our ZX Spectrum was frequently a treasure trove of low-tech brilliance, each one of its 48K was pushed to its absolute limit to produce excitement, challenge, and from time-to-time, more than one colour.

There are, of course, no instructions offered for the game.  Nor will I give you any help - that would be contrary to the spirit of '80s video-gaming.  I will give you a few tips, though.  The Black Knight is the best bet for a nemesis; axes aren't quite as good as you'd think they are, and the best way to kill the Oracle is to put on a magic cloak, grab a sword in each hand, and hack his tentacles off, preferably whilst screaming "You didn't see that coming, didya, bitch?"

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