Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Meloncholy

I'm off for a weekend's gaming with Jamie and Pause in Devon, so I thought we should have a video that nodded to that.  Obviously, that county is most famous for pirates and cream teas - both awesome, obviously, but not immediately suggestive of a Youtube clip.

Looking at Wikipedia's entry, though, I discovered that Devon gave rise to some or all members of two of Britain's most internationally popular and staggeringly overrated bands.  Obviously, I'm not going to sully this blog with anything by pompous dirge-factory Muse, even one of the two good ones.  That leaves Coldplay, who have at least managed a good half-dozen genuinely brilliant songs alongside the chaff that everyone else seems desperate to fall about over.

Anyway, this is my pick of their back catalogue, (though "Don't Panic" comes a very close second).  Be warned, though, it's not exactly a particularly happy song.  I wouldn't recommend listening to it just before you go to the pub for your Friday drinks, unless of course that pub is where you're meeting someone who is slowly and surely boiling away your heart inside your chest, and pretending not to notice.

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Tomsk said...

It's not bad for one of their early efforts, but seriously lacking in enoxification.