Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Ivory Tower

I love academia.  So far this week I have:
  1. Been asked on a Sunday afternoon to rewrite a section of a paper with a deadline of Monday afternoon;
  2. Spent Monday morning writing the changes only to discover the paper was submitted first thing that day, without me being told;
  3. Discovered that the woman responsible for cleaning and providing the data has left some mistakes in the data - or at least, in the 33% of the data I currently have - and has then gone on holiday, despite the deadline for having the full set ready for me being the end of this month;
  4. Found out the deadlines have been changed in an email I was never sent, and now involve me analysing the full data set in the next two weeks.
And this is all just one project.  I can't begin to tell you how screwed up my research programme is right now...


Midget_Yoda said...

I feel your pain; I got back from a conference last week to discover that a paper had come back from the referees with a two week turn around on re-submission. But I won't get the new data to analyse until tomorrow night. And it needs to be analysed by Monday to fit it into the revised manuscript.

SpaceSquid said...

Even with my current limited experience, it seems painfully obvious that a significant number of non-statisticians seem unable to tell the difference between our abilities and those of motherfucking sorcerers.