Sunday, 11 September 2011

Future's Fools

What is it with sci-fi films and stupid people? The Other Half and I had a movie double bill yesterday, and as far as I can tell, City of Ember is about an underground society so stupid they assign people their careers at random, and then are surprised when their engineers can't fix the generator they are entirely reliant upon.

Splice, in contrast, is apparently about two idiot scientists/gigantic aresholes who cross Lily Cole with a naked mole rat, and then are surprised when locking it in a barn doesn't leave to domestic harmony.

Better social and intellectual authorities, please!


Gooder said...

Scientists will do anything..

SpaceSquid said...

Actually, I support that idea, if only because glow-in-the-dark cats are the first step to creating glow-in-the-dark leopards, which means those sneaky spotted fuckers could get up to far less mischief after sunset.