Sunday, 6 July 2008

Latest Cthulhu Tally

Number of priceless arcane tomes burned unceremoniously in the back of a Model T: 1.
Number of investigators attacking a shoggoth with a double-barrelled shotgun: 1.
Number of investigators who survived attacking a shoggoth with a double-barrelled shotgun: 0.

Rest in peace, Morris Smithson. You may not have been the most reliable warrior in the fight against the supernatural, but you must surely have been amongst the most entertaining.


cpcarrot said...

If there was one Roll Play game I miss it would probably be Cthulhu... It is difficult though, Shadowrun would probably be a very close second... But no I think I shall stick with Cthulhu as being the one I remember most fondly... Even though my average characters Life expectancy was never above 2 play seasons (and at least two of those were killed off in my absance by other people who were just "borrowing" my character).

SpaceSquid said...

Never much of a Shadowrun fan, though the adventure of it I played was fairly competently run.

Interestingly enough Morris Smithson ended up on the business end of the exact same Shoggoth that killed your private eye whilst Mike's brother was "borrowing" him, although it happened at a very different point in the adventure.