Thursday, 31 July 2008

Today On The WTF-Files

This, I think, is testament to the ingenuity of the human imagination: Croissant in a Can.

Thanks to Danny for pointing this out to me.


Tom said...

You've never seen canned croissants? They've been around for years, in the UK and elsewhere. You can also get the even more bizarre canned pain-au-chocolats.

Needless to say, they all taste horrid.


SpaceSquid said...

I appear to have avoided this particular taste sensation up until now.

At least canned pain-au-chocolat would contain chocolate, which I imagine cans slightly more convincingly than buttery pastry.

Kim said...

I too am confused that you have never seen croissants in a can. I remember being denied them by my mother. They also have an awesome twist and pop opening system. The truly witty part of the photo is that it is *German* French croissants in a can.

SpaceSquid said...

Remember I was raised in Yorkshire. French cuisine and can openers really not our cup of tea.