Thursday, 31 July 2008

Let's Get This Out Of The Way

Thought I’d take time out of shouting at the television (they’re showing “World’s Deadliest Sea Creatures”; and they’ve got crocodiles! Crocodiles aren’t fucking sea creatures! I am not a crank!) to wish C a happy birthday. Not that it is his birthday, but since both of us will be away from out glowing boxes and letter pads when the day of mystery actually comes, now is as good a time as any.

We thus revel in the increased cadaverousness of the mighty C with the following "video" of Marcus Brigstocke beating the crap out of idiots. Enjoy.

Ooh! They’re onto the sharks now. That’s more like it. They could show a bit more imagination, though. What about an enraged narwhal? Or a school of guppies on PCP? Or even an octopus with its tentacles surgically replaced with sea-snakes?

ARRGH, now they’ve started misusing the laws of conditional probability as well. Seriously, I’m pretty angry right now.


jamie said...

To be fair to Channel 5, they may be idiots on the whole, but saltwater crocodiles can be found at sea:

SpaceSquid said...

Ooh! New knowledge!

I'm pretty sure the attacks shown were in freshwater, and I don't think you can call call something a "sea creature" just because they "sometimes" go far out, or are "forced" into it, but I concede that you can, in theory, be attacked by a crocodile in the sea.

On the other hand, I stand by my anger over the incorrect use of conditional probability.