Wednesday, 23 July 2008

This Is Getting Out Of Hand

Two birthdays this Wednesday. Since I can't remember which of the two of them was born first, I shall do this in order of seniority as Friends of SpaceSquid.

First up, then, a birthday wish for Cocklick, taking the form of this nostalgic slice of our shared past.

Man, I'd forgotten how much I hate this film. The robots are breathing into trumpets, for God's sake. What use would a race of sentient transforming machines have for a fucking brass section?


Up second; some special day cheer for Jamie, condensed into a clip of two of his favourite characters on one of his favourite shows discussing the topic of birthdays (see how my birthday messages have become metatextual).

Only two more years and we get to have this conversation, a fact which is disturbing on a multitude of levels (not the least of them being how much I want to be Garak).


jamie said...

I will choose to interpret 'seniority' as referring to exactly how long we've been friends instead of the perhaps more plausible notion that Cocklick is my superior officer in some kind of paramilitary squid army. I mean, this could be the case and my memories have been suppressed as some kind of sleeper agent intent on infiltrating the world of dictionary publishing in order to subvert it to our cephalodian cause. By, say, replacing every word in the OED with the word 'squamous'.


Anyway, my thanks, it's been a long time since I've properly watched any DS9 (the last time was actually watching Emissary at your fair abode back in, what, February?). A bit of Transformers is the cherry on the cake. In fact, all three of these recent birthday videos float my boat. I'm such a culture whore.

jamie said...

Oh, and who wouldn't want to be Garak? Besides all the hemming he has to do, of course.

SpaceSquid said...

Glad I could help. Happy birthday, culture whore.

If I ever do decide to mould my various cliques and communities into a fighting force designed to take control of the planet from its human masters, you can rest assured that Cocklick will be just as far down the food-chain as you will.

It's mainly the hemming that appeals, quite frankly.