Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Amazing Racism

I spend so long mired in the morass of US politics that sometimes I forget how to analyse or assimilate political appeals as a citizen of the UK.

So help me out, my friends.  Cast your British eyes upon this (NSFW) attack ad against Janice Hahn (a Californian Democrat running for Congress), and let me know what you think.  I mean, I think it's nauseating in its racism (though that may also be motion sickness).  But maybe I've just gone native.

Seriously, I haven't felt so ill since the car chases in Bourne Ultimatum.

And yes, it's a real ad. Really real.  So really real that the people who released it turn out to be sharing a PO Box with a campaign consultancy firm that works for Hahn's opponent.

I think I might be sick after all...

P.S.  I realise that this isn't really important in the great scheme of things, but man, that rap is terrible.


Gooder said...

And we're sure this isn't a comedy sketch?

But seriously for me the thing is so laughably over the top and produced so amateurish that I find it hard to get worked up about it.

If they'd gone with a serious tone I'd probably find it more troubling but as is, honestly, it's just funny and for me money makes the side it's from look really, really, really, stupid.

Also, I'd be surprised to find any good rappers who are Republicans.

BigHead said...

Well, it offends me less than Swiss referendum campaigns, or the President of Argentina, but it is fairly bad.