Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday 40K: The Great Devourer (Second Helping)

Fun fact: my first post on my Tyranid army, which I put up two years ago (almost to the day), is by some distance the most commonly viewed item on this 'ere blog.  It's had more than a thousand hits in the last twelve months alone.

But that was when the army was a mere 2000 points.  Now that it's reached 2500 points, it must be worth an extra 25% more hits.  The power of maths compels you!

So here they are.  Having left SkwydRuum X a barren husk, they've moved out-system, and are now doing all sorts of nasty things to SkwydRuum XI.

There's not a great deal new to say about these models; pretty much all of them were either in that original post, or, like the Giant Death Worm, have been shown at a later date.  Still, once again, props to edenspresence, whose basing technique has really worked, and made the army look significantly better.

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