Thursday, 9 June 2011

Political Maths Is Fun

Not entirely sure why, but this Larison quip made me collapse into giggles:
If we take the most self-important interpretation of historical events since 1941, and the United States gets at least partial credit for all of the people liberated from “communism, fascism, and jihadism” in the last seventy years, that won’t get us remotely close to one billion people, much less the multiple billions Pawlenty seems to think were liberated. And those were just the good people. There’s no telling how many bad people Pawlenty may think were liberated.
In fairness, we do know that Pawlenty thinks the ratio of good people to bad people must be higher than 1:4.  That, or that America was also responsible for liberating Narnia, Endor, and Middle Earth.

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